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Q: What makes KNOXX™ better than other career sites on the market?

A: The approach taken by KNOXX™ with the introduction of video technology into the platform gives employers what they need most – more candidate information to speed up the search process in an effort to find the “difference makers” in the candidate pool that best fit your open position. As of the development and launching of our platform, no other “career” site on the market gives employers opportunities to qualify candidates in such an extensive, detailed way.

A resume post alone is such a small overall part of the candidate picture and just doesn’t get you far enough in the decision making process. If a business pays to utilize a career networking site such as ours, why should they be forced to do all the “leg work” to qualify candidates by being given so little information? Put simply, KNOXX™ will provide the extensive candidate information necessary to save our business users time and money in the talent recruitment process!

Q: What does a KNOXX™ candidate file consist of?

A: A KNOXX™ candidate profile has 4 main components.

  1. Video Introduction:

    Candidates using KNOXX™ have the option to develop and upload a brief video sharing more about themselves as candidates. This is their moment to “make the pitch” allowing their charisma, energy, articulation and positive persuasion to be on full display. This gives the employer a sense of how a particular candidate may represent the organization and is exponentially more beneficial in creating an efficient recruiting process versus the limitations of a resume only approach.

  2. Display a resume;

  3. About Me:

    They can share a little more about themselves to help employers determine how well the candidate may fit into their company culture or blend with the team in which he or she will be assigned and;

  4. My Links:

    Candidates can create links for anything they want an employer to see (transcript, reference letters, social media profiles, certificates and portfolios of their work, etc.) so employers have a complete understanding of the candidate’s credentials.

Q: What search options for opportunities do I have within KNOXX™?

A: In KNOXX™, you can search and sort candidates by virtually any category – job title, industry and keyword.

Q: If I see a candidate that interests me, what next?

A: You have 2 options built into KNOXX™ to process candidates that strike your interest. The first option is to go ahead and contact the candidate immediately by clicking the “Contact Candidate”” tab in the upper right corner of the candidate profile page. Doing so will immediately inform the candidate that you have an interest in engaging them further.

A second option available to you is to “favorite” the candidate by clicking the “Add to Favorites” tab. This forwards a copy of the candidate profile to your Company profile page for later review and reference. For example, you may see 8 candidates that you find interesting. If so, favorite those 8 and begin digging into them further from your Company profile page. As you eliminate some from consideration, simply “unfavorite” the candidates that you are no longer pursuing and they are then removed from your Company profile page.

Q: What information about itself can a company share with candidates on KNOXX™?

A: A company on KNOXX™ can share a great deal of information including a video of their own promoting their organization should they wish. A video explaining the history of the Company, its product and service lines and an overview of why their particular Company is a good choice can be a very powerful recruiting tool. In addition, they can provide information on their Company such as a contact person, a description of what they do as well as demographics regarding their company such as where they are located, what industry they are in and the size of their company. A link to their company website is also recommended.

Q: How long does a KNOXX™ candidate profile stay active?

A: A KNOXX™ candidate profile is kept active for 30 days from the time it is initially established.

The system will send a notification to each candidate shortly before this initial period is set to expire asking them whether or not they wish to “renew” their profile. Answering yes will keep the candidate profile active for another 30 days. Answering no or not responding to the notification will deactivate (not delete) the profile.

This feature is incorporated so that unlike other similar sites, you as an employer do not have your candidate search results cluttered with a high number of inactive job seekers slowing down your search for talent.

Q: What about concerns regarding the possibility of being accused of discriminating against a particular candidate because information on KNOXX™ is available regarding the likely age, ethnicity, etc. of a candidate?

A: First of all, we think that KNOXX™ is a tool that can actually help your Company diversify its workforce more effectively than any other site currently. You should proudly proclaim that this one of the many reasons why you utilize KNOXX™ since diversification of your workforce is made much easier through its use. This concern probably hasn’t stopped your Company from using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool and therefore, KNOXX™ shouldn’t be a source of concern either.

Secondly, we believe KNOXX™ will actually reduce the risk of litigation due in large part to the fact that unlike some other sites, no record is provided to the candidate on which companies view their profiles and as a result, you are not bringing a candidate into the recruiting process emotionally until you are certain he or she fits all of the other qualifications that you are seeking.

Q: How long is a KNOXX™ candidate video supposed to be?

A: Candidates are advised to keep their video lengths between 30 and 90 seconds. Hiring executives and business owners are busy people and as such, do not have the time or patience to watch a long video. Short and to the point is the best way for candidates to make a favorable impression.

Q: Is a KNOXX™ candidate video scripted?

A: Some candidates will undoubtedly choose to prepare a script for their video and may even read from it. KNOXX™ does not prepare scripts for users and discourages candidates from doing so. We’ve taken this position as we want the video to be genuine, natural and spoken from the heart. Employers will respond more favorably to a video that doesn’t appear scripted or artificial. We tell KNOXX™ users to imagine them being asked the question – “Please tell me about yourself” and then proceed with a video presentation from there with that thought in mind.

Q: Are candidates required to post a video and photo in their KNOXX™ candidate profiles?

A: They are not required to do either – this is what we consider a “basic” profile. Having said that, we do strongly encourage them to utilize a photo and/or a video as that is a primary reason why employers such as you are coming to the KNOXX™ site – to truly understand what an available candidate brings to the table. Basic profiles will be at a competitive disadvantage on our site and will likely not draw as many views.

Q: How do I get my Company video uploaded to KNOXX™?

A: You will use a 3rd party platform such as Youtube to sync with KNOXX™. If you don’t have an account with Youtube, simply create one and place the video in your Youtube account. Then with the video playing, just copy the URL from your internet address bar in the upper left corner of the screen and paste it into the video link field in KNOXX™. The 2 platforms will then communicate with each other automatically and convert your video to a playable file on KNOXX™.


A: Go right ahead! Profiles can be modified at any time by the user.

Q: Is KNOXX™ a site for “white collar” candidates only?

A: Not at all. Any candidates wishing to showcase themselves here may do so.

Q: Where is KNOXX™ based?

A: We were developed, launched and are based in Wichita Kansas.

Q: What if I have comments, suggestions or feedback to share with KNOXX™?

A: Great! We welcome such information as we pledge to always stay connected with our user groups so that we are building a platform that best meets the needs of both candidates and employers. We will not stay static (as other major sites have done over so many years) without responding to the concerns of our KNOXX™ users. Have a comment or a question? Please submit it here.

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