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KNOXX™ is a patent pending career networking platform unlike any other! Developed and powered by Insights Career Consulting, LLC, the KNOXX™ platform was created in response to the frustrations expressed to the Insights Company by many candidates in the job market and the employers trying to discover them.

For candidates, they simply want more visibility and a chance to connect with employers. Today’s “career” sites just aren’t providing them what they need in order to do that. Candidates are only allowed to upload a resume to these sites and after doing so, they are then hidden in anonymity with millions of other resumes making it hard to be discovered. They just want to be seen and heard. KNOXX™ addresses this for them in a resounding way through the use of candidate video introductions, resume posts, bios and links to items a candidate wishes to showcase to a prospective employer. Using KNOXX™ will provide an opportunity to improve the candidate’s chances of a successful outcome!

For businesses, today’s “career” sites are nothing more than resume “buckets” bogging down their search for talent when it should be moving it forward. Businesses waste valuable time and money searching a massive database, many of which are candidates that have already found employment and have never removed their resume from the site. Because businesses have access to very limited information, they ultimately waste time contacting and interviewing candidates that aren’t quite what they are looking for. They could’ve saved this valuable time if they’d only been given the necessary information to expedite their search. KNOXX™ addresses this frustration by giving them what other sites should be giving them: More information to reduce their search time while saving money in the process.

Whether you are a candidate or a business, we offer our sincere appreciation for considering using the KNOXX™ platform to serve your needs! We hope you find the KNOXX™ concept beneficial and with your continued support and feedback, we intend to ensure that KNOXX™ becomes and remains THE home of Opportunity!

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KNOXX™ For Businesses

Businesses, get valuable information on prospective employees while saving time and money. Everything you need to make an informed decision is right here.